Custom OWB Glock 20/21


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Our Custom Design Outside the Waistband holsters are all made to order specific to each customer. Therefore, our wait times are going to be a bit longer on these. Please give us roughly 6-8 weeks to ship your holster. We will try to have it done sooner, just depends on the volume of orders at that time. Thank you.

*All custom designs are folded down the center, therefore the image will be folded on the crease of the holster as shown in the American Shield design below.



These are the 3 different attachments you can choose for your OWB holster.

1. Tek Lok Style             

2. Safariland QLS Fork 

3. G Code RTI           


You can also order the Complete Rig Set Up 

Safariland Mid Drop Rig   

G Code Mid Drop Rig     

G Code Leg Drop Rig