IWB Solid Color Holsters
IWB Solid Color Holsters
IWB Solid Color Holsters
IWB Solid Color Holsters
IWB Solid Color Holsters

IWB Solid Color Holsters

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Our "Inside the Waistband" holsters are made with durable kydex all custom made to fit perfectly. The holster goes inside your pants and the fomi clip attaches to your belt. We also offer a "Mod Wing" attachment that helps bring the grip closer to your body to prevent printing through your shirt in order to give you complete concealment. 
*Mod Wing Attachment shown below*  

Customer Reviews

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Awesome IWB Holster - Zero Complaints

I was sceptical to order the holster online, I am the type of person who really likes to hold something and see how it feel before I spend my money. This was suggested by a very influential person in my life and I trusted his opinion. I was not disappointed. Holster retention awesome. Overall feel awesome.

Very happy with this product, I have recomended it to several friends and co-workers.


This holster is glorious.
It’s a massive pain in the ass to find anyone that makes a holster for STI’s. I’m LOVING this new holster. It’s almost identical in size to a holster I have for a M&P shield, but holds a gun thats significantly larger. Not only does it make efficient use of space, it’s incredibly comfortable.

My only mistake was not getting a foam kit. Longer barrel = more holster pokey in groin down low. Will absolutely be purchasing a light compatible version soon.

The perfect extention to ones self

For something I have to wear every day I couldn't be happier with not only the product itself but the customer service that came along with it! Very prompt response to my questions and quickly shipped my order out.
I was unsure if the p365 holster would fit my new SAS and was assured that it it did not work I would be refunded. Turned out to be a perfect fit and love it l!!!
Couldn't recommend enough!!

Holster is alright

The holster is good, the only issue I have with the holster is that it came really tight. I loosened the screws and it fit great, but then there is the issue of the holster wing moving and I haven't been able to get it to stay in place even tightening it to the original tightness. It is recommended to wear an undershirt with the holster as it does get pretty uncomfortable without one. I would say the fit is good, I like the color and it does a great job at keeping the weapon from printing. The reason for the 3 star is the price, putting all the variables I have explained above, I think the wing design is good, but the tightness out the box and the wing coming loose is a big drawback. I think it would of been better to make the screws from tightening the holster and the wing different so that the wing stays tight and so then you can adjust the tightness of the holster.



Great product, very resistant. Even with the minor set back, it was resolve very quickly.